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The composition and use of refractory ramming materials


Tamping material is mainly used for indirect contact with the molten parts, can be used for complex structure should not be supporting mold vibrating parts can be used pick or machine tamping material amount is less or important parts, can be used manual tamping. Refractory materials must have good volume fluctuation, compactness and corrosion resistance, so the general selection of low temperature sintering or electric fusion raw materials.

Refractory ramming material is made up of a high proportion of granular material and a very low proportion of binder and other groups, and even all by grain, powder material composition, to be strong ramming way construction of bulk material.

The fire resistance and corrosion resistance of the ramming material can be obtained through the selection of high quality raw materials, adjustment of reasonable ratio and careful construction. In addition to the high volatility and corrosion resistance of the ramming material at low temperature, its service life depends to a large extent on the baking or sintering quality of the secondary application before use. If the heating surface is sintered as a whole, without cracking and without separation from the bottom layer, the service life can lose progress.