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What are the requirements for the steel outlet of converter


The steel outlet should adhere to a certain diameter, length and reasonable Angle, in order to maintain the appropriate steel time. If the deformation and expansion of the steel mouth, the steel is easy to flow, and the slag will flow down, and the steel time will be extended, which will not only lead to the return of phosphorus, but also reduce the absorption rate of the alloy. The steel time is too short, the alloy did not lose sufficient melting, dispersion is not even, affecting the volatility of the alloy absorption rate. The steel time is too long, aggravate the secondary oxidation of the steel flow, reduce the burden of deoxidation, and the temperature drop is also large, but also affect the consumption rate of the converter.

If the outlet is to be changed on a current basis, the method of overall change can be adopted or the method of making the outlet anew can be adopted. In the consumption of steel outlet should stop strict reflection and maintenance. In order to extend the service life of the outlet, on the one hand, the material of the outlet should be improved. On the other hand, on the premise of not affecting the quality, the slag should be made to increase the corrosion and erosion of the outlet by the slag. In addition, the use of slag discharging method can also extend the service life of the steel outlet.